Dimensional Reference

The compressor and turbine wheels have the greatest influence on the turbocharger’s operational characteristics. BorgWarner engineers perform finite element analysis to optimize wheel strength, calculate air and exhaust gas flows, and assess durability based on realistic driving cycles. Finally, aerodynamic components are tested on customized turbocharger test stands.

Click on a model below to see each turbocharger’s dimensions and its compressor map.

BW Turbo Part Number
EFR 6258-A
EFR 6258-G
EFR 6758-A
EFR 6758-F(v)
EFR 6758-G
EFR 7064-B
EFR 7064-C
EFR 7064-D
EFR 7163-F(v)
EFR 7163-F
EFR 7163-G
EFR 7670-B
EFR 7670-C
EFR 7670-D
EFR 8374-B
EFR 8374-C
EFR 8374-D
EFR 9180-B
EFR 9180-C
EFR 9180-D